How this works 

Summerland, CA
​​​​​​​JRGlasoe interprets an image based on to the medium you choose. This means if you choose an oil painting as the final look, the image will be suitable for printing on canvas, or a watercolor on watercolor paper, etc. 
All images come rolled and ready for framing. Framing is the sole responsibility of the buyer.
What you get:
Upon completion of the portrait, you receive a digital file of the image. This image file is yours to use as you wish. Your file size will be sufficiently large enough for clear printing in any chosen medium. 
In order to provide you with quality print options JRGlasoe offers two options. They are:
1. Do It Yourself-
With your digital file, you may have your pet's portrait printed on any medium. JRGlasoe recommends Color Services. Color Services offers a variety of mediums that on which you can have your pet's portrait printed.

Color Services has been the sole producer of JRGlasoe's images for all his shows and commissions. They respect the process that is invested in creating these timeless portraits; their results reveal the intention and emotional context of your pet's portrait. Please contact them for a complete line of options and pricing.
2. In-house-
JRGlasoe offers custom printing services for an additional fee of 100% of the order total. Shipping costs are determined at mailing. The final print will be shipped and final digital file will be emailed.
What's next:
.Complete the form and attach any/all photo references.
[Additional options may include a personalized photo-reference setting with your pet, in person. Consult with JRGlasoe about this process and additional fees.]
.Approximately one month later, you'll receive notification and an email with your portrait.
.Multiple views, additional pets or custom settings are available. Please contact JRGlasoe to discuss these options.
Please contact JRGlasoe for custom in-person creation options, pricing and trade discounts.
Thank you. for your interest. You've begun an exciting adventure. I look forward to working with you on this project.
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