JRGlasoe, Painter of California Light
JRGlasoe creates images reflecting the unique quality of light of California and everything enveloped by it. 
Unique, specific and flexible, JRGlasoe works with individuals to leaders in the interior design field for the retail, hospitality and commercial trades to meet their client's discerning design and artistic needs.

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." -Martin Buber, German philosopher
Jon’s enthusiasm for animals and portraits began early. Raised with dogs and cats, his first effort was a sculpture of the family dog, Rex, at age 12. Illustrations and drawings followed. Loving and losing his first childhood pet Rex taught him about love.
JRGlasoe the adult brings passion to his animal portraiture, drawing upon the owner’s relationship, love and respect for their pet.
His artistic education began with is grandmother's oil paints. A master of the Norwegian style known as rosemaling (decorative painting), she provided him access to her brushes and paints.  His first painting was done on recycled aluminum printer sheets from the local newspaper.
At California Lutheran University, further art education confirmed JRGlasoe’s drawing talent through instruction with noted artists John Solum and Jerry Slattum.
Under the tutelage of Frank Covino (www.frankcovino.com), JRGlasoe honed the basic fundamentals of color, perspective and painting techniques such as detailed planning, compositions, color and palette creation, the effects and results of under-paintings and framing.
JRGlasoe combines traditional painting with technology creating approachable and original impressions of pets and their love.
He has shown at the Faulkner Gallery, Montecito Bank & Trust and other locations throughout California. His animal portraiture can be found in animal lovers’ homes from San Diego to San Francisco, from Maine to Arizona.

All image content on this site is original. Unless other arrangements are contracted, all images are copyrighted by JRGlasoe, Painter of California Light®. All images, their content, and style of creative expression, as indicated by the rendering, are done by JRGlasoe, Painter of California Light®. No other artists' materials or images are used in the creation of these images.
Single Image Purchase or Full Production:
Purchasing the single image (electronic file) allows the purchaser to control reproduction, in any medium. For example, framed art, stationery, coffee cups, posters, etc. Purchaser retains reproduction rights. JRGlasoe retains copyright.
A complete production of a specific medium is available, as well. 
The Files:
JRGlasoe provides a color-corrected file of the image in JPEG, TIFF, PSD file formats and appropriate resolutions, rendered at the size required for the job. 
Other Services:
- Commissions: Corporate, animal and personal portraits are available. 
- Land and Seascape Images from other areas of the country are available. Please see website, Facebook, or Instagram (jrglasoeca)
- Full-scale production from image creation, mounting, and framing.
Please contact JRGlasoe for details. 
Facebook: JRGlasoeCA
Twitter: JRGlasoeCA
Instagram: JRGlasoeCA
Phone: 805-722-5999
Email: jrglasoe@jrglasoe.com

Heron, Montecito, CA - eWatercolor, 2016

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