About JRGlasoe
My style communicates everything you'd need to know about how I portray your pet. 

Simple rule of thumb: what you interpret is exactly correct.
Jonathan Robert Glasoe (JRGlasoe) uses a variety of tools to capture in your pet's portrait what you see with your heart.What you see is how your pet is portrayed. What you feel is between you and your pet.
These images were created with an understanding between the animal, its owner and me. Like a three-legged stool my style informs you about my leg of that stool.
These are not photographic reproductions any more than your pet is reproduction of its parents.
Representational - dynamic - unique.  
JRGlasoe has been painting portraits since he was 13. If you have questions about how you can secure a representational, dynamic and unique portrait of your pet in his style, contact Jon Glasoe at jrglasoe.ca@gmail.com.


San Diego, CA 

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